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BelialPetal In Wonderland
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no but bucky and steve lapping sam together
they pass him on either side and steve says ‘on your left’ and bucky says ‘on your right’ and sam just grumbles good naturedly as they run past him in sync



A modern Merida.

UFFFF!!!! o-O

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First day at a job in head office.
This could make or break my career in this company.
Nervous? Me?


seasonal fashion according to me

god i hate summer

Got my Conch redone :)

Now I can’t use earbuds for a while… bah



Apparently this anime is called “The eccentric family” and I need it

It’s called “a tanuki being a badass shapeshifter.”

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I got bored.

I made a formspring.

Here’s to another site where my ask box gathers dust~!

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tights inspired by various fandoms. what i learned from doing this: masking on illustrator is a real bitch.

fire stock (k project tights) by danf83stock

galaxy stock (wtnv tights) by hameed

desert stock (wtnv tights) by neverfading-stock

cloud stock (wtnv tights) by nataly-stock



ah yes my favorite kind of armins

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