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Five nights at freddy’s i gueeessss????


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Feature Friday 8/22/14

Hellsing is definitely in my top 5 favorite animes, so today I’m featuring my friend Shasta (Artangel85) and her Yellow Seras Victoria costume. These were actually taken over several years and at 3 different cons. and I think she made improvements all the while. 

She has many other costumes that you should check out on her Facebook and DA pages.  

The pip in the second picture is another friend, Sara (That Bloody Pirate) who I will be featured here soon enough.




That Bloody Pirate 



Photographer (Me) Nude Carbon Studios 


"…Don’t make me a killer."

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So I want an octopus on my shoulder with tentacles going across my chest to reach for my koi fish on the other side, a honey comb and bee combo down my arm, a medusa head on my thigh, probably a ‘hidden mickey’ somewhere…. I think I need to find myself a tattoo artist and not just going into the first parlor I see when the mood hits me.

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"But I wanted it blue!" "Now, dear, we decided pink was her color" "YOU decided!"

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This is the one time of year that I love wasps.

Not because the wasps themselves get any nicer. They’re horrid little creatures year round. No, it’s because I have a couple of big apple trees out back, and late August, early September is when the apples start ripening.

Now, if you don’t harvest your own fruit, there are two things you need to know about apples.

The first thing you need to know about apples is that, when apples get ripe, they tend to fall from the tree at the slightest breeze.

I often work late at the office; by the time I get home, there are piles of apples scattered everywhere - and sure enough, the wasps are out in force, gorging themselves on the fruit. When I go to clean up the windfallen apples, the wasps naturally do the “rawr, I’ma fuck you up!” routine for which wasps are known.

The second thing you need to know about apples is that they ferment very rapidly in the late August heat.

So: the wasps try to come at me, but they’re too drunk to fly. They get about an inch off the ground, then faceplant directly into the turf, flip over onto their backs, and lay there, legs twitching in the air as they try in vain to find something to sting.

Perhaps I’m a man of simple pleasures, but I bust up laughing every. single. time.

Fucking wasps.

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Why would u torture me like this

good fucking bye

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